Surgery to tidy and tighten the labia minor and/or majora, achieving rejuvenation to the area

Labiaplasty is a female genital cosmetic procedure sometimes referred to as a ‘Designer Vagina’, surgery is performed to correct the appearance of enlarged or extending Labia Minora and/or Labia Majora.

Many women become aware following their pubescent years in their lives of personal concerns relating to their genitalia, in some cases the wearing of tight or close fitting clothes can become uncomfortable and sexual experience lowered due to body confidence. Some patients may choose to have a Labiaplasty as the area has changed size or shape following childbirth or the natural ageing of the skin has caused it to lose tone or appear larger. The overall goal following surgery is to address those concerns, to correct the appearance of the area and to allow the patient to regain body confidence and increase self esteem.

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The procedure

Labiaplasty surgery can be carried out either under Local Anaesthetic/Sedation or using General Anaesthetic, the procedure takes around 1-1.5hrs in theatre and patients can usually return home the same day.
Dependant on the area of concerns, incisions are made and the excess tissue is removed, the labia is reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing look and then sutured.

Risks and Complications

Due to the increased blood supply in the area, this procedure usually heals well with discreet scarring, although as with any surgery there are risks associated that should be considered prior to surgery.

Common side effects can include bruising, swelling and asymmetry, these should usually subside as the area begins to heal. More uncommon complications can include infection, loss of sensation, pigment discolouration, delayed healing and skin loss or necrosis. Our team of nursing staff monitor the progress of patients for signs of these complications very carefully post operatively and patients are given contact information should they need medical assistance once discharged from the hospital.

It is important to remember that any subsequent pregnancies, childbirths or weight changes can affect the result of the surgery so should be considered prior to make the decision to proceed.

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