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10th February 2017
8 point Lift
If you are experiencing signs of ageing in your face there could be a non invasive solution for you

When it comes to ageing our faces is the first place to show signs. Sagging jaw line, hollow eyes, sunken cheekbones, loss of elasticity in the skin and lines are all effects that our skin can encounter as we age.


Time and gravity play a big part and there isn’t anything we can do about this however there is a treatment which has shown dramatic differences in patients faces – The 8 Point lift can give great results to the right candidate. It is suitable for patients who are experiencing signs of ageing but are not quite ready for a surgical facelift.


The 8 point lift is a non-surgical treatment, treating the face with fillers to improve the skin and facial structure, the treatment works by injecting the areas which are effected.


Main Injection sites

Defining Cheekbones

Reducing Nasolabial lines

Reducing and Lifting Marionette Lines

Addressing Pre Jowls

Sharpening the Jawline


The treatment however is tailored to the individual, after consultation the patient will receive a bespoke plan of areas which need to be addressed as not all areas may need injecting. Our consultants are extensively trained and very experienced, they have an artistic flair when it comes to customising the fillers for each patient, resulting in a more natural, plumper and youthful appearance.


7th December 2016
The ICE Principle
Natural breast augmentation

A beautiful, natural breast shape may be achieved in breast augmentation using the new ICE Principle for surgical planning, according to a recent study. Dr Patrick Mallucci describes how to achieve natural results in aesthetic breast surgery.



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