Implant Exchange
Also known as Breast Re-Augmentation, Implant Exchange is a procedure for a patient looking to exchange their existing implants

There are several reasons why patients choose to exchange their Breast Implants:

– It could be that the size and/or shape that the patient desired when they had surgery is no longer aesthetically pleasing to them

– It maybe that the patient has lost or gained weight and the implant no longer suits the patients’ body shape, this can often be the case following, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

– Or it could just be that the implants have been in place for longer than the manufacturers’ guidance (usually around 10 years) and the patient would simply like to replace as per the guidelines.

The procedure

The procedure itself will be very similar to the original Breast Augmentation surgery, it will be carried out under General Anaesthetic and will usually require an overnight stay in hospital although sometimes daycase surgery can be considered suitable.

If the patient is wishing to increase, decrease or indeed requires removal of the implant entirely, this will usually be accessed via the scar from the initial surgery. If the goal is to increase the implant size the pocket may require extending accordingly to accommodate the larger implant. If the goal is for a smaller implant to be inserted, the pocket will be reduced and if the aim is to remove the implant entirely this could be combined with a Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) to create a proportional natural breast following removal.

It is important to remember that when carrying out any further surgery to the breast where an implant has already been in situ, the position of the areola and nipple area can be affected. It may be necessary to reposition the areola during the procedure, this would be carried out using a simple and discreet incision around the areola.

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Our Implants

Sebbin have been manufacturing breast implants for almost 30 years, the implants come in a range of sizes and projections and are pre filled with a cohesive silicone gel. The vigilance of Sebbin Breast Implants shows rupture and capsular contracture rates of less than 1% in implants 9 years after implantation (rates confirmed by current clinical records).

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Risks and Complications

The risks and complications of Breast Implant Replacement are almost the same as those with the initial Breast Augmentation. Patients can experience swelling, redness and sometimes a loss of sensation in the nipple area which in most cases returns although this can take up to several months. The breasts can also look uneven for the first few weeks whilst they are settling, these are all quite common experiences in the initial few weeks following surgery. There are some more uncommon risks for example haematoma, seroma and infection which on occasion may require further surgical intervention. Our team of nursing staff monitor the progress of our patients for signs of these complications very carefully post operatively and our patients are given contact information should they need medical assistance once discharged from the hospital.

As with any Breast Implant surgery there is the risk of Capsular Contracture however using the modern technology of Sebbin implants means that the risk of this is at an all-time low.

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